How to Avoid a Fire Hazard in the Kitchen

Did you hear about the woman who didn’t like to cook? The only way she knew her food on the stovetop was done was when the fire alarm went off.

Seriously, you’d be surprised at how many kitchen fires happen simply because people leave the room to go do something else while there’s something cooking on the stove or in the oven.

  • In order to avoid an unwanted fire in the kitchen, don’t leave cooking food unattended. Do you know how many people have had their homes burn down because they “just left the kitchen for a minute” to do whatever?
  • Obviously, you should use a timer for your cooking so you know when it’s “done.” Otherwise, if whatever is cooking is left to cook too long, a fire could occur. A timer also helps a person remember that their stove/oven is on.
  • When cooking, don’t wear loose clothing that could dangle onto the stovetop and accidentally ignite. If there are kids in the home, tell them to stay out of the kitchen for the duration of your cooking time. If they have to be in there, make a “three foot rule” so they know they’re not supposed to come within three feet of the stove/oven.
  • Remember that your cooking surface gets really, really hot. Therefore, move anything near it far, far away. Things like garbage bags, food packaging, paper towels, utensils and even curtains are all things that have caught on fire when placed too close to the stove.
  • If you have a buildup of grease anywhere, definitely clean it to avoid fires.
  • Do you currently have a fire extinguisher in the house and know how to use it? Are there smoke alarms installed in the house and in good working order? You can never be too safe.
  • Finally, it’s a smart idea to always check to make sure the stove/oven and/or small appliances are turned off and cool before leaving the house and/or going to bed for the night.

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