Siemens & Simplex CPU Replacement Boards

At Life Safety Consultants, we offer commercial CPU replacement boards equipped with power supply and expanders for commercial fire alarm and smoke detector systems. Our variety of CPU boards, such as Siemens CPU replacement boards and Simplex CPU replacement boards, are available with control modules and displays to ensure your system stays fully functional and up to code.

What Are CPU Boards in Smoke Detector Systems?

In electronics, central processing units, or central processors, known as CPUs, execute instructions from programs. Modern fire protection systems require CPU boards to function correctly and to signal when it detects a fire.

CPUs are a core component of modern smoke detector systems. Circuit boards send electronic signals to other elements of the device to trigger alarms and sprinklers, among other functions. These boards are complex and precise, with various electronic components assembled.

When Do You Need To Replace a CPU Board?

To determine if you need to replace your CPU boards, consider the age of your system. Older boards in old buildings may have faults that could result in system failure or fires. If your fire detection system does not work correctly, it may be due to a damaged CPU board. For instance, the detector may make noise without sensing smoke.

Find Replacement Commercial Fire Alarm Parts With Life Safety Consultants

If your equipment fails, it may be due to a problem with your CPU boards. At Life Safety Consultants, we have over 20 years of experience working with various industries, including healthcare, prison systems, hotels, and universities. We can help you determine whether you should replace your system’s CPU. To find new CPU boards, such as Simplex CPU replacement boards, shop now or call us at 1-888-557-0558.