Safety Technologies International (STI)

Your fire protection system contains critical components that help keep your facilities safe. Safety Technologies International helps keep those components functional. Count on Life Safety Consultants for secure ordering and fast shipping of STI replacement products for your fire alarm systems.

Safeguarding Your Fire System with STI Pull Station Covers

Control panels and network adapters form the backbone of your fire protection system. Detectors, sensors, pull stations, and strobes gather information and transmit alerts. Unfortunately, they’re also common targets for theft, vandalism, and abuse. Damage from accidents and weather exposure is also possible, especially for outdoor units.

Safety Technologies International provides impactful solutions to protect your investment by safeguarding these vital components. We offer several STI pull station covers to meet your needs, compatible with pull stations both with and without horns.

Stopper II

STI’s Stopper II Series includes surface-mounted pull station covers to deter false fire alarm attempts. However, they still permit access to pull stations by lifting from the bottom, which lets the guard pivot on its top-mounted hinge. Made from durable polycarbonate, Stopper II covers are long-lasting and tamperproof.

Weather Stopper

Made for outdoor use, STI’s Weather Stopper covers feature a similar construction to the Stopper II models. While discouraging pranksters and thieves, Weather Stopper covers let legitimate users access the pull handle and sound the alarm. Tough, tamperproof polycarbonate also protects your pull stations from the elements.

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