Replacement Synchronized Clocks

Life Safety Consultants distributes Simplex Replacement Clocks for hospitals, schools & airports, including wired synchronous and 24vdc minute impulse correction. Our inventory of replacement synchronized clocks consists of round wired clocks and digital LED varieties by Simplex.

In addition, we provide a cost effective, solid state circuit board movement instead of the traditional mechanical movement that uses up to 80% less energy with a five year warranty.

Synchronized clocks are useful for a variety of applications, from large-scale industries to small offices. At Life Safety Consultants, we provide the round Simplex replacement clocks and square Simplex replacement clocks necessary to keep everyday operations running smoothly.

The Benefits of Synchronized Clocks

Clock synchronization keeps every person in a building or facility on the same page regarding time. Synchronized clocks can streamline work processes, minimize delays, and reduce confusion.

During emergencies, precise timekeeping helps with coordination and response efforts. Clock synchronization can also help your company maintain accurate records for time-sensitive data.

Find Replacement Parts for Your Synchronized System

We provide clock systems to various industries that require precise time synchronization including healthcare, aerospace, prisons, universities, and military bases. Shop our large variety of Simplex clocks for all industries or learn more about our replacement synchronized clock stock.