Edwards / EST SIGA-IPHS Multi-sensor Detector



Intelligent 4D Multisensor detector

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Edwards / EST Multi-sensor Detector SIGA-IPHS

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** NOTE –  The SIGA-IPHS have been discontinued by EST.  The replacement is the SIGA-PHD detector. 

Here at Life Safety Consultants, we offer all of the Edwards EST products you need to ensure your smoke detection system is up and running efficiently. With the EST Multi-Sensor Detector SIGA-IPHS, you will have access to an intelligent 4D multisensory that is capable of thermal, photoelectric, and ionization detection. Currently, this device is only compatible with the Signature Loop Controller, but it can be customized with a variety of accessories and bases. Browse our website to learn more about our available EST products, or contact Life Safety Consultants today!

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