Commercial Smoke Detectors & Replacement Parts

Life Safety Consultants stocks a wide array of new, reconditioned, and discontinued commercial smoke detector replacement options, specializing in systems for commercial & private buildings for general replacement or emergency needs. Our commercial smoke detector parts and commercial smoke detector replacement options allow you to make affordable repairs to your system without sacrificing safety and reliability. Our products, such as our commercial photoelectric smoke detector parts, perform in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications and are compatible with the present systems.

Commercial buildings and other public and private facilities, including medical centers, office buildings, and military bases, must have working smoke detectors to keep the building’s occupants safe and comply with federal regulations. Maintaining your fire protection system can prevent catastrophe.

Types of Available Smoke Detectors

In general, there are two types of smoke detectors available from a variety of brands, including Simplex, Siemens, Bosch, Honeywell, and Edwards.


Photoelectric smoke alarms rely on laser beams. When the laser encounters smoke, the light scatters and causes the alarm to sound. Our inventory includes analog, intelligent, and reconditioned varieties of photoelectric smoke detectors.


Multi-sensor detectors use a combination of ionization and photoelectric features. This type of fire alarm tends to be the fastest at detecting fires.

20+ Years of Knowledge & Experience in Commercial Smoke Detector Replacement

The National Fire Protection Association classifies different commercial buildings into occupancy types based on the building’s purpose. When it comes to fire systems, the requirements are based on the availability and quality of the exits.

Ideally, no matter the industry, you would install smoke detectors on every floor, hallway, room, stairway, and parking area. The total quantity required depends on the size of your building.

Properties we can supply with smoke detectors include but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • The U.S. Embassy in Moscow
  • Military bases
  • Hotels
  • Condo associations

Our stock for commercial buildings is more extensive than most manufacturers and can be delivered in as few as two days.

Repair Your System With Life Safety Consultants

At Life Safety Consultants, we stock a wide array of commercial smoke detectors to ensure your fire protection systems operate correctly. We have over 20 years of industry experience providing reliable fire alarm parts. Shop now for essential fire alarm replacement equipment, or call us at 1-888-557-0558.