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Monitored vs. Standard Fire Alarm Systems

Monitored vs Standard Fire Alarm Systems

When you install a fire alarm system inside your commercial property, you’ll have the option to choose either a standard fire alarm system or a monitored fire alarm system. Before you decide on one over the other, you should take the time to educate yourself as far as how each of them works. It’ll help… Read more »

How Often Should Businesses Check Their Smoke Detectors?

Checking Commercial Smoke Detectors

If you own a business, it’s important for you to have smoke detectors strategically positioned throughout the premises. It’s also important for you to test those smoke detectors out from time to time to make sure they’re working properly. In the event of a fire, you don’t want to have to worry about your smoke… Read more »

Tips to Saving Money When Installing Fire Alarms

Installing Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire alarm installations can be an investment for commercial companies. Although the initial investment can be intimidating, it’s necessary to understand the importance of installing the appropriate alarms. We know that money can be tight, so we’ve curated 3-steps to a cost-effective fire alarm installation. Know the Necessary Building Information It’s essential to know the… Read more »

Tips for Ranking Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Ranking Fire Alarm Systems

Are you thinking about installing a new fire alarm system in your business sometime soon? Before you do, you should sit down and rank all of the systems are available to you. By doing this, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to pick out the right option for your company. You’ll feel confident in your… Read more »

How to Keep Your Office Building Safe From Fire

Office Buildings and Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are more than 3,000 fires that take place in office buildings each year. If you’re the owner of one, you should take every possible precaution to prevent a fire from breaking out in your building. You should also come up with a plan that’ll help you put… Read more »

Operational Tips for Fire Control Panels

Fire Control Panels

Fire alarm control panels are arguably the most important aspects of fire alarm systems. These panels are used to control your entire fire alarm system. What’s more, to make the most of your fire control panel, there are some operational tips that you should put to good use. Check out these tips below. Figure out… Read more »