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4 Common Fire Safety Violations in Commercial Buildings

Fire in a commercial building

Most businesses have the required safety features their buildings need, but many forget to check if they adhere to basic fire safety rules. Fire safety violations are common in commercial buildings where owners and employees maintain a fast-paced work environment. It is easy to forget that just because you have the required smoke detectors and… Read more »

Does My Business Need Photoelectric or Ionization Smoke Alarms?

Simplex (4098-9601) Photoelectric Smoke Detector 0742441CN

There are two very common types of smoke alarms, both with fancy names: photoelectric and ionization alarms. Do you know which ones you currently have? Most people do not– they just know they have some smoke alarms in their home or building. Ionization vs. Photoelectric How do the two types of smoke alarms work? Well,… Read more »

Why is My Commercial Fire Alarm Chirping?

Commercial Fire alarm

Is there a bird or some sort of animal in the office or the building? What’s that chirping noise? Oh, it’s the fire alarm. Why is the commercial fire alarm chirping? There are several reasons your fire alarm is chirping. Perhaps there’s a loose or improperly installed battery that needs to be checked. Sometimes, the… Read more »

The Benefits of Simplex Clocks

Simplex (6310-9226) 12″ Round Replacement Synchronized Clock

How do you tell time? Do you look at your phone to find the time? Most people do exactly that these days. That said, plenty of people still look at clocks hanging on the wall, too, and this is especially true in public venues and places where large numbers of people gather for everyday life–… Read more »

How Warehouses Can Prevent Fires

Rummage from a warehouse fire

Warehouses can prevent fires from getting out of control by taking simple steps to ensure they’re prepared for any potential problems, and by doing maintenance and replacements as needed, especially concerning fire alarm systems. What Warehouses Need to Prevent Fires What are the key things warehouses need to consider, in order to help prevent fires… Read more »

The Importance of Control Stations for Fire Alarms

Fire control panel in a commercial building

Control stations for fire alarms are important because they’re a critical component when it comes to a property’s safety and security plan. Control stations are like having a person watching and waiting to see if there’s a problem at a property, and, when there is, they notify the authorities to come deal with it. Of… Read more »

The Critical Role of a Fire Alarm Panel

Fire control panel in a commercial building

What’s the purpose of a fire alarm panel? It activates a quick emergency response when there’s a fire, letting people know they need to get out of the building. Fire Alarm Panel Types There are basic fire panels which sound an alarm when there’s danger. More complex fire panels might call the local fire department… Read more »

What Business Owners Should Know About Their Smoke Alarms

Protective Dust / Paint Covers for Smoke Alarm & Heat Detectors (25 Pack)

Business owners have a lot on their minds. They have to worry about things like employees, taxes, crime/theft, and, of course, safety. One of the things that helps protect business owners, businesses, and people in general are smoke alarms. Without them, we might never know there’s a fire in the building we’re in. But thanks… Read more »

Important Commercial Fire Stats

Businesses and Fire Safety

When people think of fires, they usually think of homes burning down to the ground. But there are also plenty of commercial building fires, too. Though the numbers of fires have thankfully decreased over the past couple decades, commercial properties still experience over 100,000 fires annually in the U.S. and the cost of them has… Read more »