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Fire Safety Tips for Your Business This Winter

Electrical short circuit. Failure caused by burning wire and rosettes socket plug in business

It’s that time of the year when people put up Christmas trees and decorate them with lights, tinsel, ornaments and more. And this is also the time of year when Christmas trees could catch on fire and burn down businesses. Yikes! Holidays Increase Chances of Fires Consider all the things that could cause a fire… Read more »

The Benefits of Simplex Clocks

Simplex (6310-9226) 12″ Round Replacement Synchronized Clock

How do you tell time? Do you look at your phone to find the time? Most people do exactly that these days. That said, plenty of people still look at clocks hanging on the wall, too, and this is especially true in public venues and places where large numbers of people gather for everyday life–… Read more »

Reasons to Have an Addressable Commercial Fire Alarm System


How much do you know about addressable commercial fire alarm systems? For those who aren’t that familiar, these systems involve a series of fire detectors/devices that are connected back to a central control panel. What makes these systems unique is that each device has an “address” or location such that if and when it gets… Read more »

The Benefits of Synchronized Clocks in Commercial Establishments

Simplex (2310-9271A) 12″ Square Replacement Synchronized Clock

Clocks. They’re everywhere. On our wrists, on our walls, in our phones. But how often do we consider the importance of these time-telling devices being synchronized, especially in commercial establishments? Whether it’s a bustling airport terminal or a packed school corridor, time’s uniformity is paramount. Here’s a closer peek at why synchronized clocks are not… Read more »

The Essential Role of Commercial Smoke Detectors

Modern smoke detector on commercial ceiling indoors

When it comes to securing a commercial space, fire safety isn’t just a checkbox – it’s a priority. Modern businesses thrive when they blend innovation with safety, and that’s where commercial smoke detectors come into play. Smoke detectors provide peace of mind and save lives. The Undeniable Value of Early Detection Smoke detectors have an… Read more »

Understanding Fire Alarm System Parts and Their Functions

A hand is pulling a commercial fire alarm on the wall

Do you know that feeling when your car dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree? You start to sweat a little, because you know something’s wrong, but you have no idea which light means what. Well, commercial fire alarm systems can feel a lot like that – complex, confusing, and more than a little intimidating…. Read more »

Troubleshooting Commercial Fire Alarm Issues

Engineer inspecting fire alarm panel

Fire alarm systems are crucial for ensuring the safety of buildings and occupants. However, they can sometimes encounter problems that require troubleshooting to ensure they’re working as they should. Here are some common fire alarm problems and steps to troubleshoot them: False Alarms: Check for environmental factors: Verify if any environmental factors, such as steam,… Read more »