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The Critical Components of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

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Where you work do you have a commercial fire alarm system installed? Do you know how it works? What makes up a commercial fire alarm system? Alarm Initiating Devices There are several components that make up a fire alarm system, starting with alarm initiating devices that detect that there’s a fire taking place. Typically, these… Read more »

Is My Commercial Fire Alarm System Working Properly?

Two workers checking their commercial fire alarm system

Is there a commercial fire alarm system in your building? Whether you’re a manager or worker, or even a frequent visitor, you want to know and trust that the commercial fire alarm system is in good working order and doing its job, right? But sometimes fire alarm systems aren’t working optimally and there could be… Read more »

Commercial Fires Are Every Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Fire in a commercial building

A nightmare could best be described as something frightening, terrifying, unpleasant and difficult to deal with, right? You don’t want nightmares, and if you own, manage or work at a commercial building, a fire there is one’s worst nightmare come true. Fires can be deadly. Whether it’s the flames or the smoke, fires can kill… Read more »

Life Safety Consultants is Proud of Our Longevity in the Fire Alarm Parts Industry

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Life Safety Consultants is celebrating our 20th anniversary! That’s two decades of helping all sorts of people in all sorts of places get reliable fire alarm parts and more. With exceptional customer service, Life Safety Consultants has not only stayed in business, but thrived over the years. Longevity Matters in Business Longevity in business matters…. Read more »

Commercial and Residential Fire Detection is Drastically Different

Commercial Fire alarm

The terms residential and commercial refer to types of buildings used for different purposes. Typically, residential buildings are where people live– where they sleep, eat, watch TV, relax, etc. And typically commercial buildings are where people work– home to businesses, organizations, etc. Both types of buildings require good fire detectors, because society has decided it’s… Read more »

What are Fire Codes and Why are They Important?

A lit match burns a piece of paper with code on it

If you’re buying or building a commercial structure, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the fire codes in your state and municipality. This is true not just so your building passes all inspections, but for the safety of those who will inhabit it. If you’re unfamiliar with fire codes, here’s a few things to… Read more »