• Simplex 4100U expansion power supply

    Simplex (4100-5111) 4100U Expansion System Power Supply 8742-631

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  • Siemens PSC-12 FireFinder XLS power supply (500-033340)

    Siemens (PSC-12) FireFinder XLS Power Supply 500-033340

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  • Simplex 742-342 System Power Supply Board

    Simplex (742-342) System Power Supply Board

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  • Simplex 636-341 Fire Alarm Power Supply Unit

    Simplex (636-341) Power Supply for 4020 & 4100

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  • Simplex (565-028) 8 Amp Expansion Power Supply Board

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  • Simplex Fire Alarm Panel Power Supply 740-802

    Simplex (740-802) Universal Power Supply 4100-6005

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  • Notifier (MPS-24A) Main Power Supply Board

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  • Simplex 565-247 Power Supply Controller Board

    Simplex (565-247) Power Supply Controller Board

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  • Autocall (RPS-424) TFX Series Power Supply (910683)

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  • 500-884853 Siemens (BC-35) Battery Charger/Transfer Module

    Siemens (BC-35) System 3 Battery Charger / Transfer Module 500-884857

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  • Siemens PS-35 Power Supply

    Siemens (PS-35) Power Supply 500-884950

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  • EST 3 3-PPS/M primary power supply

    EST (3-PPS/M) Primary Power Supply

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Make sure your fire alarm or heat detector systems have the power supply they need to function when you need them the most.

The last thing anyone wants is for their system to not work when they really need it to, and with the right parts and accessories from Life Safety Consultants, you can rest easy knowing yours has the juice and power it needs to work properly without becoming fried.

Click on one of the selections on the page for specific details and as always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.