Simplex Smoke Sensors, Detectors, & Fire Alarm System Parts

Functional smoke detectors are key to any business’s fire safety plan.  As a preferred provider of commercial fire alarms and replacement parts, Life Safety Consultants has exactly what you need. We carry a large selection of alarms, sensors, and components by Simplex, a trusted brand in fire protection systems.

Simplex: A Johnson Controls Brand

Johnson Controls specializes in building technology, software, and services. From climate control to fire protection, the company has established itself as a worldwide leader in comprehensive indoor comfort and safety solutions.

As a Johnson Controls brand, Simplex creates innovative, dependable, and affordable high-performance fire safety systems and components:

  • Addressable systems and parts: Ideal for medium to large facilities, these interconnected digital systems precisely pinpoint fire locations and reduce the false alarm risk.
  • Conventional systems and parts: Best for smaller facilities, conventional systems offer simple and cost-effective fire protection.
  • Heat and smoke sensors/detectors: Available in analog and photoelectric versions, Simplex smoke and heat sensors provide rapid, consistent, and accurate sensing.
  • Pull stations, call points, and strobes: Pull stations and call points allow anyone in your building to signal an emergency, while strobes provide visual and auditory warnings.

Other Simplex components include batteries, circuit boards, mounts, rods, and tubes. We carry all the essential items for updates, modifications, and replacements for your fire alarm system.

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For over 20 years, Life Safety Consultants has delivered dependable fire alarm parts and world-class customer service to commercial clients across the United States. We offer convenient and secure online shopping and an extensive inventory of products from top safety brands, including Simplex. Order now or contact us to get your questions answered.

Life Safety Consultants distributes system secondary Replacements Simplex Clocks for Hospitals, Schools & Airports, including wired synchronous and 24vdc minute impulse correction. In addition, we provide a cost effective, solid state circuit board movement instead of the traditional mechanical movement that uses up to 80% less energy with a five year warranty. For more information on the replacement clocks for your Simplex system, contact us at (888) 557-0558, or email us at and we will be able to assist you with your replacement clock needs.