• High Quality Simplex 4098-9714 TrueAlarm Photoelectric Sensor

    Simplex (4098-9714) TrueAlarm Photoelectric Smoke Sensor 0742444CN

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  • Simplex TrueAlarm Sensor Base

    Simplex (4098-9792) TrueAlarm Analog Sensor Standard Base 0677197CN

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  • Simplex (4098-9601) Photoelectric Smoke Detector 0742441CN

    Simplex (4098-9601) Photoelectric Smoke Detector – 0742441CN

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  • Simplex (4098-9794) Analog Sensor Sounder Base – 0677337CN

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  • Reconditioned Simplex Smoke Detector 2098-9201RC

    Simplex (2098-9201) Reconditioned Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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  • Simplex IDC & LED Smoke Detector Base

    Simplex (4098-9788) TrueAlarm 2 Wire Detector Base – 0677104

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  • Simplex 4098-9756 Addressable Duct Sensor Housings with TrueAlarm Photoelectric Sensor

    Simplex (4098-9756) TrueAlarm Duct Sensor Housing 0631149

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  • Simplex (2088-9682) Chrome Catch Plate Extender Rod, 3in Long

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  • Simplex Photoelectric Smoke Sensor 4098-9701 RC

    Simplex (4098-9701) Reconditioned Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

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  • Simplex QuickConnect2 4098-9757 Replacement Sensor

    Simplex (4098-9757) QuickConnect2 Analog Photoelectric Sensor

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  • Simplex 4098-9842 Control Station

    Simplex (4098-9842) Control Station for Stand Alone Duct Detector 0621152

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  • FireLite (DHSBPC) Replacement Door Holder Armature

    Simplex (DHSBPC) Replacement Door Holder Armature

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Simplex Replacement Parts

With dozens of products and models to choose from, Life Safety Consultants is the best place to find all of your Simplex replacement parts. Proudly selling Simplex fire alarm parts for over 20 years in business, we carry an enormous variety of up-to-date products to always keep new and aging commercial fire alarm systems up and running.

Simplex Commercial Fire Alarm Replacement Parts

No matter what you’re looking for, we guarantee that we can help you find the Simplex fire alarm replacement parts for your commercial fire alarm system. We carry everything from Simplex smoke detectors and heat detectors to pull stations, wiring, weathering, and all of the parts and pieces in between.

Whether you are designing a brand new system or simply updating your existing safety equipment, our experts can help you locate a great price on any Simplex commercial fire alarm parts you need for ongoing operation. With our guarantee on everything we sell, all of our Simplex replacement parts from the battery to the control station are built to last and function well in any commercial building.

Above and beyond the bare minimum, you can take advantage of our huge supply of Simplex parts and accessories to create the best system possible. Including pull covers, backup system parts, clocks, and extra sensors, there is no such thing as being too safe from a commercial building fire.

Life Safety Consultants

Backed by a team with government, military, and other safety experience, you can trust the Life Safety consultants with over two decades of customers to speak for our support. We always love working with new customers, whether you own or manage a hospital, hotel, mall, warehouse, or other large commercial space, our company can supply all of the Simplex smoke detectors and fire alarm parts for buildings and campuses of every shape and size.

Get started by contacting our experts today. You can reach us toll-free at 888-557-0558.