Mircom (MS-710APU) Dual Action Addressable Pull Station



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Dual Action Addressable Manual Station

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Mircom (MS-710APU) Dual Action Addressable Pull Station

Mircom’s MS-710APU Advanced Protocol Intelligent Manual Station is made of a high quality, die-cast metal and is available as a dual-action device with key resets and a permanently attached intelligent module.  The intelligent manual station has a pair of rotary decimal switches which allows for two digit address setting.  Pulling the handle initiates the operation of the intelligent module.  Place your order today and we’ll ship it to you immediately.

For more information about this Mircom Pull Station or any life safety device, contact the Life Safety Consultants team at (888) 557-0558, or email us at : sales@lifesafetycom.com

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions4.93 × 3.56 × 2.9 in



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