Pyrotronics (DI-4A) Ionization Smoke Detector



A plug-in, dual chamber ionization detector with adjustable sensitivity

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Pyrotronics Ionization Smoke Detector DI-4A

The Cerberus Pyrotronics Model DI-4A smoke detector with adjustable sensitivity operates on the ionization principle.  It is designed to respond to the first traces of fire in the form of visible smoke or invisible products of combustion.  Heat or flame is not required to activate the detector.  The Model DI-4A detector has been developed for protection of a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential occupancies.

The DI-4A detector is a plug-in, dual chamber ionization detector with adjustable sensitivity and contains two ionization chambers together with a highly sensitive semiconductor amplifier-switching circuit.  One chamber detects the presence of combustion products.  The second chamber serves as a reference, to stabilize the detector’s sensitivity for changes in environmental temperature, humidity, and pressure.  The detector assembly locks in upon alarm; therefore it must be reset at the control panel.

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Smoke Detector



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