Sentry Pull Station Cover Kits




Sentry Front Cover Kit

Sentry Pull Station Front Cover : ST-FRC01

The SENTRY™ Station Cover is a rugged, poly-carbonate cover (UV stabilized) used to help protect manual pull stations from accidental or malicious false alarms, vandalism, dust, and weather. The station cover will protect your fire pull stations indoors or out. It is available in a variety of configurations to satisfy most application requirements.


Sentry Weatherproof Kit

Sentry Pull Station Cover Weatherproof Kit : ST-WPK01

The Sentry Pull Station Cover Weatherproof Kit is an optional kit for NEMA 3R.  The kit includes a cover gasket and two conduit gaskets. To complete the weatherproof installation, the ST-BKP01 Backplate Kit is recommended.

Sentry Backplate Kit

Sentry Pull Station Cover Backplate : ST-BKP01

The Backplate Kit is designed for mounting SENTRY covers to a rough surface. The kit consists of a plastic backplate and two #10 type A, 1″ Phillips round head screws with anchors.


Sentry Alarm Module Kit

Sentry Pull Station Cover Alarm Module : ST-ALM01

This Sentry Pull Station Cover Alarm Module is an optional alarm module to deter malicious manual pull station false alarms in applications such as schools, hospitals, transit facilities and other areas of mass congregation.  When this option is installed onto the front cover, the integral alarm module will emit a piercing siren tone upon opening the cover to access the station. In addition to deterring malicious pranksters, the siren will provide an audible indication of which SENTRY™ Station Cover has been activated.


Sentry Extender Kit

Sentry Pull Station Cover Extender : ST-XTR01

Available here at Life Safety Consultants is an optional extender kit for surface mounted pull stations.  The Sentry Pull Station Cover Extender Kit provides an additional 2″ of depth.


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