Siemens (DMC-1) MXLV Digital Message Card (500-893000)



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Siemens (DMC-1) MXLV Digital Message Card (500-893000)

The Siemens DMC-1 is an optional MXLV module designed to meet the requirements of voice evacuation systems that call for the ability to sound pre-recorded spoken messages.  The DMC-1 plugs into 1 of the 4 available expansion slots in the OMM-1 cardcage.  The MXLV system can support a maximum of (2) DMC-1 modules.  The DMC-1 communicates with and is supervised by the MMB-1/-2.  If a failure in the DMC-1 should occur, the ACM-1 on-board tone(s) will automatically back up the DMC-1.

If you should have any questions about this, or any Siemens life safety product,  contact the Life Safety Consultants team at or call us at  (888) 557-0558

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