Siemens (DI-B3) Ionization Smoke Detector 500-085081



Smoke Detector ( Duct Use Only )

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Siemens 500-085081 Ionization Smoke Detector DI-B3

The Siemens DI-B3 detector is a plug-in, ionization detector and is designed for two wire system operation. The DI-B3 is designed with a fixed sensitivity designed for their individual high air flow applications.  The DI-B3 consist of self-compensating dual ionization chambers and a highly stable solid state amplifier-switching circuit.  One chamber detects the presence of combustion products, the second chamber serves as a reference, to stabilize the detector’s sensitivity for changes in environmental conditions.  As products of combustion enter the sampling chamber, the chamber current is reduced producing a voltage change.  At the time the voltage range exceeds the pre-determined threshold, an alarm is signaled to the control unit.  The detector locks in upon alarm and must be reset from the control panel.

The DI-B3 detector is specifically designed for use in air ducts with air velocities between 500-4000 FPM when used with Fire Safety Series 3 air duct housings.

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