Siemens (FP-11) Multi-Sensor Smoke Detector 500-095112


SKU: FP-11

two-wire, multi-sensor smoke detector

Siemens 500-095112 Multi-Sensor Detector FP-11

The Siemens FP-11 Intelligent Fire Detector provides the life safety industry with the most highly evolved detection system available today.  The FP-11 utilizes advanced detection technology that allows the detector to distinguish nonthreatening deceptive phenomena, such as cigarette smoke, from actual fire hazards, while optimizing detection for the area in which it is installed.  No other detection system available today offers a higher level of protection or nuisance alarm immunity.  The Siemens FP-11 uses state-of-the-art microprocessor circuitry with error check, detector self-diagnostics and supervision programs.

We offer the Siemens Multi-Sensor Detector (FP-11)  500-095112, a powerful device that can detect both heat and photoelectric smoke. This device is compatible with the MXL series control panels, and there are several optional bases and accessories available. Place your order today and we will ship your Siemens Multi-Sensor Detector FP-11 immediately.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.25 × 2 in


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Multi-Sensor, Smoke Detector



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