Siemens (HMS-S) FireFinder Single Action Pull Station 500-033200



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FireFinder single action addressable pull station

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Siemens HMS-S pull station (500-033200)

The Siemens HMS-S single action intelligent manual fire alarm boxes provide the markets’ most advanced method of address programming and supervision, combined with sophisticated control panel communication.  Each HMS-S manual fire alarm box incorporates a custom microcomputer chip.  The microcomputer chip technology, and its sophisticated bi-directional communication capabilities with the control panel, achieves the state of an “Intelligent Initiating Device.”

The HMS-S are constructed of durable molded polycarbonate material which is matte finished in red with raised white lettering.  The housing accommodates a pull-down lever which, when operated, locks in position indicating the manual fire alarm box has been activated.  The pull down lever remains down and locked until the manual fire alarm box is reset.  The manual fire alarm box is reset only by opening the hinged housing cover with an allen key and then closing and locking the cover.

If you are using the Siemens FireFinder XLS control panels, this pull station is what you need for your building.

Order yours today, and make sure you contact the Life Safety Consultants team at or call us at  (888) 557-0557  if you would like more information! 

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 3 in


Part Type

Manual, Pull Station, Single Action


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