Simplex (4100-5111) 4100U Expansion System Power Supply 8742-631


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4100U Expansion Power Supply

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Simplex (4100-5111) 4100U Expansion System Power Supply 8742-631

The Simplex (4100-5111) 4100U Expansion System Power Supply 8742-631 features the following :

• Rating is 9 A total with “Special Application” appliances; 4 A total for “Regulated 24 DC” appliance power
• Outputs are power-limited, except for the battery charger
• Provides system power, battery charging, auxiliary power, auxiliary relay, earth detection, on-board IDNet communications channel for 250 points, three on-board NACs, and provisions for either an optional City Connect Module or an optional Alarm Relay Module
• IDNet SLC Output provides Class B or Class A communications for up to 250 addressable devices
• Three, 3 A On-Board NACs, conventional reverse polarity operation; rated 3 A for Special Application appliances and 2 A for Regulated 24 DC power, with electronic control and overcurrent protection; selectable as Class B or Class A, and for synchronized strobe or SmartSync™ horn/strobe operation over two wires
• NACs can be selected as auxiliary power outputs derated to 2 A for continuous duty; the total auxiliary power output per SPS is limited to 5 A
• Battery Charger is dual rate, temperature compensated, and charges up to 50 Ah sealed lead-acid batteries mounted in the battery compartment; also is UL listed for charging up to 110 Ah batteries mounted in an external cabinet
• Battery and Charger Monitoring includes battery charger status and low or depleted battery conditions; status information provided to the master controller includes analog values for: battery voltage, charger voltage and current, actual system voltage and current, and individual NAC currents
• 2 A Auxiliary Power Output is selectable for detector reset, door holder, or coded output operation
• Auxiliary Relay is selectable as N.O. or N.C., rated 2 A @ 32 VDC, and is programmable as a trouble relay, either normally energized or normally de-energized, or as an auxiliary control

Making sure you have the proper power supply for your Simplex fire alarm panel is always important. At Life Safety Consultants, we offer all of the replacement parts and accessories you need to get the most out of your Simplex devices. The Simplex 4100-5111 Expansion Power Supply (8742-631) is a high-quality part that is compatible with the 4100U control panels.

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