Simplex (6310-9250A) 16″ Round Replacement Synchronized Clock


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(Wired, Surface 110V / 60 Hz, 3WBLK)

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Simplex 16″ Synchronized Clock : Model# 6310-9250A (Wired, Round, Semi Flush 3WBLK)

Reduce errors in education, healthcare and more with Simplex replacement synchronized clocks from Life Safety Consultants. Timing is everything, especially in the healthcare industry, school systems, airports, small offices, large-scale industrial sites and a variety of other industries. Operating room procedures, medication timing, reporting and so much more depends on synchronized clocks for accuracy. In schools, class start and finish times are critical, along with standardized testing that requires specific time restraints.

Simplex Synchronous Clocks can be used in all types of applications, from small offices to large-scale industrial sites. 

Each synchronous clock uses a sweep second hand, and provides these capabilities:

Hourly correction. Clocks are automatically synchronized with the Simplex Time Control Center every hour. This means clocks will display the correct system time after less than 59 minutes of power failure. Clocks that are up to 59 minutes slow or 55 seconds fast are corrected completely on the hour.

12-hour correction. Synchronization is provided for clocks that are up to 12 hours slow. This ensures that even the most prolonged power interruption in individual clocks, or in the complete system, will be compensated for automatically. Clocks that are up to 11 hours and 59 minutes slow are corrected every 12 hours.

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Clocks, Round, Semi Flush, Sync, Wired