Weather Stopper (STI-3150) Stopper II Pull Station Cover – w/o Horn, w/Spacer


SKU: STI-3150

Surface Mounted Pull Station Cover with Spacer and gaskets for outdoor use

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Weather Stopper (STI-3150) Stopper II Pull Station Cover – w/o Horn, w/Spacer

The STI-3150 is a surface mounted pull station cover with gaskets and spacer for outdoor use, designed to be used in areas where the incidence of false fire alarms from manual pull stations is high or has proven to be a serious problem.  Lifting up from the bottom allows the guard to pivot on its top mounted hinge and provides access to the pull station activation handle.  Protecting your fire alarm pull stations is a necessity to keep your life safety systems in proper operation.  Order your STI-3150 pull station guard today !

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Additional information

Weight2.15 lbs
Dimensions7.2 × 10.2 × 5.5 in


Part Type

Pull Station Cover


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