Commercial Fires Are Every Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Fire in a commercial buildingA nightmare could best be described as something frightening, terrifying, unpleasant and difficult to deal with, right? You don’t want nightmares, and if you own, manage or work at a commercial building, a fire there is one’s worst nightmare come true.

Fires can be deadly. Whether it’s the flames or the smoke, fires can kill people. They can also ruin everything people have worked for, put together, stored, enjoyed, etc. Fires can be nightmares for sure.

Commercial Fires Can Happen at Any Time

The thing about fires is that they don’t discriminate. They could happen anywhere at any time around anyone, really…  a palace or a shack could both be burned down. Now if you’re trying to protect your business– your commercial building– then you want to make sure you’re doing things to lower the risk of fires starting at your place. This could involve staff education about fires and fire safety, as well as fire prevention workshops that point out what could cause fires and what NOT to do, such as put a plugged-in appliance near a sink or allow kids to stick forks into wall outlets. Make sure your smoke detectors work and the batteries aren’t dead. Make sure emergency exits aren’t blocked. Do fire drills every once in a while so people are prepared to evacuate the building should it be on fire someday, in reality. Are you and your people prepared for a fire should it occur?

Keep in mind that fires can destroy commercial buildings in just a matter of minutes. Time is of the essence. Fires can be unpredictable, too.

Do you have an up-to-date and properly functioning fire alarm system installed in your commercial building? When’s the last time it was professionally inspected? Need replacement parts for your system? Life Safety Consultants is just a phone call away– 1-888-557-0558. Let’s talk about commercial fire alarms and replacement parts– call today.

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