Establishing a Fire Escape Plan for Your Business

Establishing a Fire Escape Plan for Your BusinessWhen you own your own business, the safety and security of your employees and coworkers is your first priority. Unfortunately, in the event of a disaster like a fire, it can be hard for people to make snap decisions that keep them safe. This is why it’s best to create a fire escape plan in advance and brush up on it frequently. That way, if there ever is a fire in your building, your employees will know exactly what they need to do to evacuate and keep everyone safe.

Every business should have a plan.

If possible, set up a system at your workplace that allows you to know who is in the building at all times. This will give first responders an edge when they arrive at the scene in the event of an emergency. They’ll be able to quickly account for people who are on the premises, without having to spend precious time looking for people who may be out of the building at the time. An easy way to do this is to install a security system where each employee has their own unique key card that’s used to enter the building.

Next, consult your local fire department to assess the structure and layout of your building and devise evacuation plans based on a number of possible scenarios, like fire on the ground floor, fire on the roof, or fire in a stairwell. Designate a meeting place where you and your employees can congregate after evacuating so you can take a headcount and make sure everyone is safe.

The most important thing to do when coming up with an evacuation plan for your building is to make sure your employees familiarize themselves with it. Whether you prefer to communicate via training sessions, blast emails or a combination of both, make sure that your employees are frequently updated and reminded about the provisions of your fire escape plan. In an emergency, this type of careful planning can keep everyone calm, save time and ultimately save lives.

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