Fire Risks for Elderly People

Fire Risks for Elderly Folks People of all ages can face fire risks in their homes. But elderly people, in particular, can find themselves dealing with certain fire risks that are exclusive to those in their age group. If you’re a senior citizen or you have a special senior in your life, you should work to reduce these fire risks. Here are some of the risks older people face.

Electric blankets

Many older folks enjoy using electric blankets in their homes. They use them to soothe aching muscles and to stay warm when it gets cold outside. When used properly, electric blankets won’t pose much of a fire risk. However, they can start a fire if they’re left on too long or if they have old fraying wires. You should throw out any old electric blankets and replace them with new ones. Just make sure seniors know how to use the new ones the right way. It’ll prevent fires from starting.


Many older people who smoke are unable to get up and go outside to do it. They smoke while they’re sitting on their couch or, worse, while they’re in bed. This can be very risky behavior since they could potentially fall asleep while smoking inside and accidentally ignite a piece of furniture, a blanket, a pillow, or something else. It can be especially risky if an older person is bedridden and unable to escape a home in the event of a fire.


There are some elderly people who have a lifetime’s worth of stuff hanging around inside of their home. This stuff can go up in flames and help ignite a fire and make it bigger. It can also make it harder than it should be for an older person to get out of their home. Homes containing too many things in them could prove to be disastrous.

Functioning fire alarms and smoke detectors should be placed inside the homes of the elderly. They should also be tested on a regular basis and replaced when they get to be too old. Contact Life Safety Consultants at 888-557-0558 to order products that could save an elderly person’s life.

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