Keep Your Building (& Employees) Safe

Keep Your Building (& Employees) SafeWhen it comes to your business and your employees, fewer things are more important than keeping them safe. You want to create an atmosphere where people will come in everyday with peace of mind, not having to worry about whether the proper precautions have been taken to keep them and their work environment danger free.

Now accidents do happen, when something like a fire occurs, you want to ensure you have the right technology to alert them and to help get them to safety.

Let the Lights Lead to Safety

If you have an average everyday office, you could use a device with a strobe light and a horn like the Simplex Multi-Candela Horn Strobe. This alarm will definitely be able notify your workers of an emergency. Not only does it make them aware of the danger, but will also help lead them to the proper exit depending where the strobe lights are placed within the building.

Now if you have a building that has numerous loud machines running at once creating a great deal of noise, an alarm with just a strobe light would suffice. An alarm like the Simplex Multi-Candela Strobe would be perfect in that situation.

Employees hearing will be impaired but the sight of the strobe will be sufficient enough to see the warning of a fire or other emergency that would be crucial to their safety.

Life Safety Consultants provides fire alarm parts and components to keep your building safe in case of an emergency. We have everything you need to maintain your essential fire alarm equipment at affordable pricing. For more information, please contact us today!


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