Operational Tips for Fire Control Panels

Fire Control PanelsFire alarm control panels are arguably the most important aspects of fire alarm systems. These panels are used to control your entire fire alarm system. What’s more, to make the most of your fire control panel, there are some operational tips that you should put to good use. Check out these tips below.

Figure out what kind of fire alarm control panel you have.

There are two main types of fire alarm control panels; conventional panels and addressable panels. Conventional panels are usually used in older fire alarm systems. They rely on changes in electrical currents to detect fire and smoke. Addressable panels, on the other hand, are found in most modern fire alarm systems. They have microprocessors in them that allow for panels to communicate with the different devices that make up your fire alarm system. It’s important for you to know which type of fire alarm control panel you have.

Understand what everything on your fire alarm control panel means.

When you stand in front of your fire alarm control panel, you’re going to see all kinds of blinking and solid lights on it. You need to know what all of these different signals mean so that you can spot a potential problem within your fire alarm system. Consult the handbook for your fire alarm control panel and familiarize yourself with the signals that you’ll see on your panel.

Test your fire alarm control panel on a regular basis and make the necessary repairs to it.

Your fire alarm control panel should be tested every so often to make sure it’s working properly. You can test it when you test out your fire alarm system as a whole. If you notice that there is an issue with your panel, you should make the necessary repairs to it. Your panel might also be able to tell you about repairs elsewhere in your fire alarm system. Don’t ignore any issues that need to be addressed.

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