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  • Simplex Photoelectric Smoke Sensor 4098-9701 RC

    Simplex (4098-9701) Reconditioned Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

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  • Simplex QuickConnect2 4098-9757 Replacement Sensor

    Simplex (4098-9757) QuickConnect2 Analog Photoelectric Sensor

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  • Siemens Two-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector HFP-11

    Siemens (HFP-11) Smoke Detector (500-033290)

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  • White Simplex Multi-Candela Strobe Wall Mount

    Simplex (4906-9103) Multi-Candela Strobe in White

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  • Siemens DI-3 Smoke Detector

    Siemens (DI-3) Ionization Smoke Detector

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  • Siemens OP121 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

    Siemens (OP121) Photoelectric Smoke Detector S54372-F1-A1

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  • Edwards EST SIGA-SB Standard Detector Base

    Edwards EST (SIGA-SB) Smoke Standard Detector Mounting Base

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  • Simplex 4906-9153 Multi-Candela Speaker Strobe

    Simplex (4906-9153) Multi-Candela Speaker Strobe in White

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  • Simplex 4098-9842 Control Station

    Simplex (4098-9842) Control Station for Stand Alone Duct Detector

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  • Simplex 4098-9756 Addressable Duct Sensor Housings with TrueAlarm Photoelectric Sensor

    Simplex (4098-9756) TrueAlarm Duct Sensor Housing

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  • Edwards / EST SIGA-CR Control Relay Module

    Edwards / EST (SIGA-CR) Control Relay Module

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  • Simplex (4208RL) Panel Replacement Indicator Lights

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