Simplex Hospital & Healthcare Wall Clocks

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, timing is everything. When it comes to hospitals and healthcare, that phrase is an understatement. From routine medication management to calling a code blue, making sure that all clocks in the facility are not only running, but are accurate, and synchronized throughout the building(s). At Life Safety Consultants, we are proud to be your premiere provider of Simplex hospital wall clocks, and Simplex healthcare wall clocks for medical facilities.

Synchronized Clocks are needed in many Departments, including:

    • Emergency Rooms & Emergency Department
    • Operating Room
    • Obstetrics
    • Intensive Care Units
    • Critical Care Units

Benefits to having Synchronized Replacement Clocks by Simplex include, but are not limited to:

    • Synchronized time between all units, workstations, departments & floors in the building / on premises
    • Times are synced to the Simplex Time Control Center (Hourly & 12-Hour Correction – Backup support for power outages with synchronized updating)
    • Compliance with timekeeping regulations for HIPPA & Joint Commission, etc.

The synchronized, accurate timing is critical for:

  • Lifesaving decisions / Code Blue time measures
  • Digital clocks, used for monitoring times during a code blue, return to the accurate, synchronized time after timer mode is complete
  • Patient record maintenance and notes
  • Standardized schedules – shift changes, meeting times
  • Room or unit transfers
  • Medication distribution and management

Without accurate time clock systems within the hospital, medications could be mismanaged, procedures may not start on time, schedules may be mismatched, and life-saving decisions could be based on inaccurate timing. This is why Replacement Synchronized Simplex Clock Systems for Healthcare are so vital to its everyday functions.

Life Safety Consultants has been providing Replacement Fire Alarm Parts, Replacement Synchronized Simplex Clocks for Hospitals, and much more since 2002, with even more knowledge of the industry and its products. Shop our site for Replacement Clock Systems and give us a call at 888-557-0558 if you have any questions!