There are endless benefits to having a synchronized timing system in a single school building, even more notably in an entire campus and/or district. The advantages of having this type of system in a school and educational facility are valuable to not just the students, but to the teachers and administrators as well. Every clock needs to display the same time, regardless of the situation. Synchronicity is key when it comes to both student and staff promptness, standardized schedules, timed events and more.

Our Simplex school wall clocks help maintain:
• Statewide, Standardized Testing
• Student Assemblies
• Faculty Meetings
• Arrival & Departure Times
• Extracurricular activities
• Bus scheduling
• Class Changes & Lunches
And much more

Depending on the specific clock model, our Simplex Clocks are synchronized with Simplex time control center either hourly, and / or every 12 hours which reduces maintenance time, as there is no need to spend time making sure the clocks are accurate and aligned with other clocks. This includes but is not limited to, clocks within the same building, campus and district. Replacement Synchronized Simplex Clocks for School Districts, College Campuses, Learning Centers – any type of Educational Facility really, are an essential piece of equipment that keep the entire structure of the day aligned.

Our industrial wall clocks benefit from accurate, synchronized timing in areas such as administrative offices, general-purpose areas (halls, library, etc.), classrooms & buildings throughout the campus.

Now is the time to stock up on your Replacement Simplex school wall clocks with Life Safety Consultants in preparation for the upcoming school year. Place an order online today or contact our team at 1-888-557-0558 for details!