• Simplex 2099-9804 Replacement Break-Rod ( Qty 25 )

    Simplex (2099-9804) Replacement Break-Rod 25pk – 0750022

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  • Simplex 4099-9004 Single Action Pull Station

    Simplex (4099-9004) MapNet II Single Action Manual Pull Station – 06501205

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  • Simplex 2099-9754 Single Action Pull Station Fire Alarm

    Simplex (2099-9754) Single Action Conventional Pull Station 0630533

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  • Simplex Pull System Fire Signaling Device

    Simplex (4099-9001) MapNet II Single Action Manual Pull Station

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  • Simplex (4099-9006) MapNet II Dual Action Manual Pull Station 06501211

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  • Simplex (2099-9762) Pull Station with Institutional Cover

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  • Die Cast Metal Single Action Pull Station SG-42SK2

    Simplex (2099-9138) Single Action Pull Station – Die Cast Metal 630-665

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  • Simplex (2099-9101) Single Action Pull Station 0630520

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  • Manual Fire Alarm Pull Station 4009-9003

    Simplex (4099-9003) MapNet II Dual Action Manual Pull Station 0630697

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  • Simplex 2099-9803 Replacement Break Glass ( Qty 5 )

    Simplex (2099-9803) Replacement Break Glass 5pk 0750021

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  • Die Cast Metal Dual Action Pull Station SG-42SK1

    Simplex (2099-9139) Dual Action Pull Station – Die Cast Metal

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  • Simplex (2099-9822) Replacement Retaining Clip 5pk – 0748241

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Simplex Pull Stations

A manual pull station is at the heart of every great fire alarm system. For decades, Simplex fire alarm pull stations have been the product of choice for safety in schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings all over the world.

Simplex Fire Alarm Pull Stations

Life Safety Consultants is a proud supplier of Simplex pull stations and commercial fire alarm replacement parts. Whether you are outfitting a hallway, floor, or entire building, we carry the reliable and easy-to-operate manual pull stations necessary to meet code requirements and keep building occupants safe.

We sell affordable, ready-to-go simplex fire alarm pull stations alongside the accessories and replacement parts you need for your system. From covers and replacement clips to new break rods and glass, we can supply the commercial fire alarm replacement parts necessary for optimal system performance.

Commercial Fire Alarm Replacement Parts and Accessories

Beyond Simplex pull stations, Life Safety Consultants supports high-quality commercial fire alarm brands like Edwards, Siemens, Notifier, and Cerberus Pyrotronics. Our catalog of equipment, smoke detectors, and accessories is made up of great products and even better prices.

When you purchase a Simplex pull station, don’t forget the pull station cover. Don’t fall victim to pranksters and accidental activations, and remember that pull covers and manual pull stations are two of the most essential items in a commercial fire alarm system.

Choose the Life Safety Consultants, Today

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a team with strong military and safety backgrounds, we take life and firm alarm accessories very seriously. We’ve been in business long enough to meet thousands of commercial building owners and are proud to support schools, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure with safe equipment every day.

If you have any questions about our Simplex pull stations or commercial fire alarm system parts, please contact us toll-free at 888-557-0558. Our experts are always available to talk about your safety!