Simplex (2099-9138) Single Action Pull Station – Die Cast Metal 630-665


SKU: 2099-9138

Die cast metal single action pull station

Simplex (2099-9138) Single Action Pull Station – Die Cast Metal 630-665

The Simplex 2099-9138 is manufactured by die cast metal construction.  The single action stations are operated by simply pulling the handle.  When pulled, the alarm condition is mechanically latched and indicated by the extended handle.  Reset is performed by simply unlocking and opening the enclosure.  The lock is controlled by a Simplex® “B” key, provided with each station.

These pull stations are a single contact, “B” key-reset, manual pull stations designed to meet the requirements for many applications. They are constructed from a rugged, but lightweight, die-cast metal alloy for increased performance and longevity.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 3.25 × 1.1 in


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Pull Station, Single Action