• Simplex Fire Alarm System -Individual Addressable Module 4090-9001

    Simplex (4090-9001) Individual Addressable Module (IAM) – 0617952

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  • Simplex Relay IAM Module 4090-9002

    Simplex (4090-9002) Individual Addressable Relay Module 0617950

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  • Supervised IAM 4090-9051

    Simplex (4090-9051) Individual Addressable Module (IAM) 0618113

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  • Simplex Individual Addressable Module Replacement 2190-9172

    Simplex (2190-9172) Individual Addressable Module (IAM) 0617782

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Simplex Individual Addressable Module (IAM)

If you’re looking for a singular Simplex addressable module, then you’ve come to the right place. Likewise, if you’re trying to locate dozens of Simplex addressable relay modules for your commercial fire alarm system, then the Life Safety Consultants have you in good hands just the same.

Simplex Addressable Relay Module

With a range of product specs and prices, our Simplex addressable module inventory has parts for most commercial systems. The Life Safety Consultants specialize in sourcing and supplying Simplex commercial fire alarm replacement parts, and individual addressable modules (IAMs) can be among the most difficult to find at a decent price on the open market.

With a Simplex addressable relay module, power and communication in your fire alarm system has never been better. Offering location-specific monitoring, our individual addressable modules are compatible with most modern control panels. If you are uncertain about your system’s part names or numbers, our experts can help determine whether or not a Simplex addressable module will fit the needs of your building.

Simplex Commercial Fire Alarm Replacement Parts

With dozens of products from smoke detectors to heat sensors and synchronized clocks, Life Safety Consultants has all of the Simplex replacement parts you need to have your system operating safely and smoothly. While a Simplex addressable module is certainly an important part of any system, our company also sells the switches, protection, and other products necessary to meet building and safety codes.

Ask the Life Safety Consultants Anything

Any questions? With over 20 years of experience and a strong military background, there is nothing that the Life Safety Consultants can’t answer when it comes to fire safety. For those representing commercial buildings like schools, hospitals, and more, you can always reach our experts by calling toll-free at 888-557-0558.

Beyond Simplex addressable modules, we are also proud to carry reliable products from brands such as Edwards, Siemens, Sentry, and more. Please contact us for more details.