EST (3-PPS/M) Primary Power Supply


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EST 3 Primary Power Supply

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EST (3-PPS/M) Primary Power Supply

The EST (3-PPS/M) Primary Power Supply provides the system with battery charging and voltage regulation. Software configures the charger to either 10-24 AH batteries or 30-65 AH batteries and controls the high/low charge rates. Batteries mounted in the same enclosure as the power supply, have their charge rate monitored and adjusted based on the local enclosure temperature, keeping charging rates within battery specification. For remote batteries a temperature probe is monitored in the remote battery cabinet and charge rates are adjusted automatically. Battery damage is unlikely to occur when environmental short term conditions are outside of normal operating ranges.

The EST3 3-PPS/M power supply automatically load test batteries by shutting down the battery charger and placing a load across the battery. If the battery voltage is outside the specification range the power supply reports a trouble. The trouble clears if the battery is able to recover and pass future load tests.
Battery leads are electronically short circuit protected. If a short occurs in the battery leads the charger automatically disables itself and causes a trouble. The system will constantly look to see if the short has cleared. If the short clears the system automatically restores.

During operation on standby batteries, battery voltage is constantly monitored. A trouble is reported if the battery voltage falls below a specified value.
EST3 power supplies provide specific information back to the 3-CPU(1) designed to help speed trouble shooting of system functions. Should a power supply detect a fault, specific diagnostic codes are available to speed trouble shooting. The 3-LCD will display the power supplies address, a specific trouble code, and a text message describing the specific trouble. Text messages are easy to understand and include items like: Battery Trouble, Aux Power Overload Circuit 1, Aux Power Overload Circuit 2.

We recommend one set (two) of the  12v 7ah batteries that we provide here ! 

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