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LCD annunciator

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Simplex LCD Annunciator #4603-9101  (07431007)

The Simplex 4603-9101 provides remote control and annunciation using an 80 character, back-lit, alphanumeric display.  Information is presented in clear, descriptive English language and includes: Point Status (alarm, trouble, etc.); Alarm Type (smoke detector, manual station, etc.); Number of System Alarms, Supervisory Conditions, and Trouble Conditions; and a Custom Location Label.

If you’re in need of a replacement annunciator for your fire alarm system, you can rely on the team at Life Safety Consultants.  We offer a number of replacement parts, including the Simplex LCD annunciator 4603-9101. This part is compatible with several different Simplex models, including the 4020, 4100, 4100ES and 4100U control panels.  Take advantage of everything this annunciator has to offer and order yours today.

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LCD Annunciator