Mircom Photoelectric Smoke Sensor (MIX-2251AP)



Intelligent plug-in photoelectric smoke detectors with integral communication provide features that surpass conventional detectors

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Mircom Photoelectric Sensor / Detector MIX-2251AP

The Mircom MIX-2251AP low profile intelligent plug-in smoke detector with integral communications provide features that surpass conventional detectors.  Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the panel where the desired detector sensitivity can be programmed. Point ID capability allows each detector’s address to be set with decade address switches, providing exact detector locations for selective maintenance when chamber contamination reaches an unacceptable level.  Mircom’s Advanced Protocol (AP) devices use a high speed communication protocol that greatly increases the speed of communication between the intelligent devices.

Mircom’s Advanced Protocol uses a superior group polling method as well as an interrupt feature that provide for a faster response to an alarm condition.  In addition, the Advanced Protocol allows for greater system capacity with support for up to 318 devices per SLC circuit.  The AP devices are backwards compatible to operate in CLIP mode for legacy system applications.

At Life Safety Consultants, we offer a variety of fire alarm replacement parts like the Mircom Smoke Sensor MIX-2251AP.  This high-quality sensor is the direct replacement for the Mircom MIX-2251B and will ensure your system is always in proper working order, so place your order today and we’ll ship it to you immediately.

For more information about this Mircom replacement sensor, contact the Life Safety Consultants team at (888) 557-0558, or email us at :  sales@lifesafetycom.com


Compatible bases:

B501       Intelligent Flangeless Mounting Base

B210LP  Intelligent Flanged Mounting Base

B224RB Intelligent Relay Base

B224BI  Intelligent Isolator Base

B200SR Intelligent Standard Sounder Base

Additional information

Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


Part Type

Intelligent, Photoelectric, Power Supply, Sensor, Smoke Detector



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