Siemens (FPT-11) Intelligent Thermal Detector (500-095918)



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Intelligent Thermal Detector for MXL,MXL-IQ and MXLV control panels

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Siemens Thermal Detector FPT-11    (500-095918)

The Siemens FPT-11 is a plug-in, two-wire thermal detector, compatible with the MXL family of control panels.  Each FPT-11 has microcomputer chip technology and highly stable solid state electronic circuitry.  The Siemens (500-095918) FPT-11 utilizes a modern, accurate, shock-resistant thermistor to sense temperature changes.  This electronic sensing method virtually eliminates thermal lag associated with mechanical temperature sensing devices and provides almost instantaneous temperature information to the control panel.  The FPT-11, in its default mode, is a combination 135°F fixed temperature and 15° per minute, rate-of-rise detector.  It can be programmed from the control panel as a fixed temperature detector without rate-of-rise, at the users option.

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Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 4.25 × 2 in


Part Type

Heat Detector, Intelligent


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