Simplex (4906-9153) Multi-Candela Speaker Strobe in White


SKU: 4906-9153

TrueAlert Multi-Candela Notification appliance
WHITE with RED “FIRE” lettering


Simplex Multi-Candela speaker strobe #4906-9153

At Life Safety Consultants, we offer a number parts and accessories that are compatible with your Simplex system, including the Simplex Multi-Candela Speaker Strobe 4906-9153. This is a TrueAlert product that comes complete with not only a multi-tapped speaker, but a multi-candela addressable strobe as well. In addition, the strobe has several intensity settings including everything from 15 to 110cd. Place your order today, or contact Life Safety Consultants if you would like any additional details about the Simplex Multi-Candela speaker strobe or any fire alarm part at (888) 557-0558 or email us at:


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 8 in


Part Type

Fire Alarm, Multi-Candela, Strobes


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