Simplex (4098-9687) Stand Alone Duct Detector 0631142


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Duct Detector Housings with Photoelectric Detector for Stand-Alone Operation

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Simplex 4098-9687 Stand Alone Duct Detector  0631142

The Simplex 4098-9687 Stand Alone Duct Detectors are designed for applications that operate independent of a fire alarm control panel.  This type of duct detector is intended to monitor air conditioning or ventilation ducts for the presence of smoke.  If smoke is detected, the on-board relay contacts transfer, the control station (sold separately) tone-alert sounds, and the alarm LED illuminates.

A required Simplex 4098-9842 ( sold separately ) remote control station provides alarm, power-on, and key switch for normal, test, or reset operation.

An air duct sampling tube is required (sold separately) and sold in various lengths to match duct size.

Please your order today and we will ship your stand alone duct detector immediately.

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