Simplex (4906-9151) Multi-Candela Speaker Strobe – Red 0743258


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TrueAlert Multi-Candela Notification appliance
RED with WHITE “FIRE” lettering

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Simplex (4906-9151) Multi-Candela Speaker Strobe – Red  0743258

The Simplex 4906-9151 is a multi-tapped speaker with multi-candela synchronized strobe; with strobe intensity selectable as: 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela.    The Multi-Candela TrueAlert S/Vs with speaker and synchronized strobe provide convenient installation to standard electrical boxes with extensions.  The enclosure designs are both impact and vandal resistant and provide a convenient strobe intensity selection.  Since each model can be selected for strobe intensity output, on-site model inventory is minimized and changes encountered during construction can be easily accommodated.

The 4906-9151 is a direct replacement for the Simplex 4903-9356, 4903-9357, and the 4903-9358 speaker strobes.

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