The Advantages of Having a Smoke Detector Dust Cover

Smoke Detector Dust CoverCertainly, all businesses remember the need to routinely test and maintain their commercial smoke detectors. However, in addition to periodically testing the system, you also have to do what you can to protect your smoke detector from outside debris.

Like most other stationary objects in your business, smoke detectors  have a tendency to accumulate dust, dirt, pollens, and other unwanted debris. Unfortunately, the accumulation of said debris causes sensors to in your smoke detector to not work as well, making it essential that you protect and clean your smoke detectors to help safeguard the inside and prevent build up.

This is especially true if your building is being remodeled.

Commercial Smoke Detector Dust Covers

Fortunately, Life Safety Consultants has a solution for these needs. We offer commercial smoke detector dust covers that are easy to install and work wonderfully; they’ll pay for themselves in no-time as you extend the life and improve the efficiency of your smoke detectors.

They work sort of like a poncho does when you’re outside at a ball game. When it starts to rain, you throw on the poncho, so the actual clothes you’re wearing won’t get soaked. You simply wrap your smoke detectors in these covers,  and like a poncho that shields the rain away while keeping you dry, the covers will keep dirt, dust, and other debris away from adversely affecting your smoke detector.

To learn more about the benefits of our smoke detector covers, contact us today.

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