The Benefits of Simplex Clocks

Simplex (6310-9075) 12″ Clock – Impulse, Round Semi Flush 24V60 3WBLKHow do you tell time? Do you look at your phone to find the time? Most people do exactly that these days. That said, plenty of people still look at clocks hanging on the wall, too, and this is especially true in public venues and places where large numbers of people gather for everyday life– places like schools. Do you remember watching the clock when you were in school, waiting for class to be over?

Simplex Clocks Are Located in Buildings From Coast to Coast

Thousands of locations worldwide have Simplex wired clock systems. They’re simple and reliable clocks, often found in airports, governmental buildings, libraries, hospitals and other public places. Why is Simplex the brand of choice for so many places?

Simplex mechanical wired clock movements have a longer life than electronic alternatives. When an organization is wanting to expand their existing wired clock systems, Simplex is the most cost-effective solution. Because they’re wired, there’s no need for wall clock battery replacement. And, Simplex clocks are less likely to be stolen than other clock types. They’re ubiquitous.

Available in many sizes, with different cases, dials and hand styles, Simplex clocks can be retrofitted or help you expand your current wired clock system. You can also use Simplex clocks to implement a synchronized time system that isn’t impacted by building design or materials.

People want to know what time it is; They look at their phones or they look for a clock on the wall to tell them the time.

Do you need replacement Simplex clocks for your school, hospital, airport or other place? Life Safety Consultants distributes system secondary replacements. See what’s offered, here. You’ll notice there are 12” round clocks, 12” square clocks, and more.

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