The Critical Role of a Fire Alarm Panel

Fire control panel in a commercial buildingWhat’s the purpose of a fire alarm panel? It activates a quick emergency response when there’s a fire, letting people know they need to get out of the building.

Fire Alarm Panel Types

There are basic fire panels which sound an alarm when there’s danger. More complex fire panels might call the local fire department and/or activate the building’s sprinkler system.

Fire panels receive a signal from somewhere in the building that there’s a fire occurring– and this signal can come from a connected smoke detector, a sprinkler system, or a manual call point/pull switch. So the fire panel doesn’t detect fire on its own, but it does receive a signal that there’s an issue somewhere in the building. Then the panel activates the alarm, which usually includes a loud noise and/or flashing lights to help warn people there’s a problem.

Why is a fire panel important? Well, think of it as the brain of an alarm/sprinkler/safety system. Besides sounding the alarm and turning on sprinklers, additional features can include locking/unlocking certain doors, turning off electricity, disabling elevators, etc. It’s not unusual for today’s fire panels to be fully integrated with security systems. So, ultimately, its purpose is to keep people safe from harm.

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