The Importance of Maintaining Your School’s Fire Alarm System

Fire alarms can be a scary occurrence in schools, especially when the alarm sounds without warning. As relief floods from a faulty alarm, this should signal school administration to react quickly and assess the fire alarm system.

Schools have a much more intricate fire alarm system compared to the single units in a home or smaller space. With the need for detecting an emergency throughout a large space, it is 100% critical that the system is working correctly 24/7. Although no fire alarm is perfect all the time and malfunctions do happen, it is imperative that it be fixed quickly.

Examining The School’s Fire Alarm Situation

After careful examination, it might be concluded that replacement parts are needed. Old fire alarms can become problematic. Sometimes with an older alarm system, it is just a matter of a few new parts before a total replacement is made. All too often, school administrators miss the opportunity to replace broken or overused parts before they’re forced to install a new system.

Regardless of the scenario, protecting the lives of the students and staff is of utmost importance. Life Safety Consultants provide a wide array of fire alarm replacements parts for systems including: Simplex, Siemens, Cerberus Pyrotronics, Notifier, Edwards and more. Some of the parts we can replace are circuit boards, power supplies, smoke detectors, duct detectors, and pull stations.

You can call Life Safety Consultants with your fire alarm system manufacturer’s number and we will help locate and provide the replacement parts you need. For more information about fire alarm parts contact us today!



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