The Panel Signals of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Panel SignalsIf you haven’t taken a look at the panel for a commercial fire alarm system before, your adrenaline might start pumping when you see it light up and send a signal to you for the first time. Does it mean that there is a fire somewhere inside the commercial building that you’re in?! Not necessarily. There are a few different types of signals that you’ll see on a panel for a commercial fire alarm system. Learn more about each type of signal below.

Supervisory signal

There are several smaller systems that make up your commercial fire alarm system. Your panel keeps a close eye on these systems and makes sure they’re working properly at all times. If they’re not working for whatever reason, the supervisory signal on your panel will light up to let you know you need to perform maintenance or repair. More often than not, the supervisory signal indicates an issue with a sprinkler valve, a low-pressure switch, or another aspect of your system.

Trouble signal

Did the power to your commercial building go out recently? Are the batteries in your fire alarm system low? Or is there a ground fault in your system that is causing electrical problems to pop up? If your system is ever affected by any of these operational issues, the trouble signal will light up on your panel. It’s a yellow light that will tell you it’s time to contact your fire alarm company for assistance.

Alarm signal

This is the signal that you do not want to see on your commercial fire alarm’s panel. Nevertheless, it’s also the signal that you should pay the closest attention to and respond to the quickest. The alarm signal is always red and indicates that there is an emergency taking place in your building. There are instances in which this signal is nothing more than a false alarm. However, you should still check to see what’s causing it immediately.

It’s important for you to look out for all three of these signals on your commercial fire alarm system’s panel. It’s also important for you to maintain your commercial fire alarm system so that it’s in good working condition at all times. Life Safety Consultants can set you up with the products you need to keep your system up and running. Call us at 888-557-0558 today to learn more about them.

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