What is My Commercial Fire Alarm Panel Telling Me?

Commercial Fire Alarm PanelsIs your commercial fire alarm panel trying to tell you something? If so, a yellow or red light will usually flash on the panel to indicate a problem. In most cases, this problem won’t be anything you need to necessarily worry about too much. However, you shouldn’t ignore your fire alarm panel if it has a yellow or red light on it. Check out three of the most basic signals associated with a fire alarm panel below.


If the batteries in your fire alarm system need to be changed or if your fire alarm system doesn’t have power, a trouble signal will often appear on your fire alarm panel. It’ll let you know that you need to take action to get your fire alarm system up and running again.


While yellow lights on a fire alarm panel are typically tied to trouble signals, there is also a chance that a yellow light might be a supervisory signal. This type of signal indicates a problem with one of the systems that’s hooked up to your fire alarm system. For example, if you have a fire sprinkler system set up, a supervisory signal can indicate an issue with it. It can also indicate an issue with a dry pipe system or some other kind of system that you have installed.


This is the one fire alarm panel signal that will require you to take immediate action. An alarm signal on your fire alarm panel might show that there’s an issue with your smoke detectors. It might also show that someone has pulled one of the fire alarm’s pull stations in your facility. Whatever the case, you should investigate alarm signals right away to see what’s causing them.

Your commercial fire alarm panel needs to be working at all times to protect your business. If you ever experience trouble with it, let Life Safety Consultants provide you with a new panel. We also carry a wide range of other fire alarm system parts. Call us at 888-557-0558 today to order the fire alarm parts you need for your building.


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