Why is My Commercial Fire Alarm Chirping?

Commercial Fire alarmIs there a bird or some sort of animal in the office or the building? What’s that chirping noise? Oh, it’s the fire alarm. Why is the commercial fire alarm chirping?

There are several reasons your fire alarm is chirping. Perhaps there’s a loose or improperly installed battery that needs to be checked. Sometimes, the battery connections aren’t making good contact with the battery or the battery isn’t snapped into its slot completely. When it comes to batteries, make sure you’re using the recommended type, that it’s/they’re “still good,” and that the battery compartment door is completely closed.

Environmental Conditions

What about environmental conditions? Sometimes alarms chirp because they’re picking up steam, condensation or humidity. Chirps can also happen if the temperature in the room is not normal (too cold, too hot) or if there’s excess air flow really close to the alarm from a fan or open window.

If and when your commercial fire alarm system is chirping, make the needed adjustments based on the aforementioned information, and/or reset the alarm as needed. You might need to manually reset the alarm in order to clear the error from the system’s memory.

Electrical Conditions

What if the system keeps chirping even though you’ve tried to get it to quit? It could be an electrical condition, such as a power surge or something else being turned on (that’s on the same circuit).

Old Parts

Finally, maybe your alarm system’s chirp means it’s time to replace the alarm because it’s too old. Check your user manual and/or look for a date code stamped on the label of the unit to see when it should be replaced with a new unit.

Do you need help finding fire alarm system replacement parts or commercial fire alarms in general? Please call Life Safety Consultants at 1-888-557-0558 or use this online contact form.

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