An Overview of Commercial Fire Panels

Commercial Fire PanelsEvery single aspect of a commercial fire alarm system is important. But you could argue that the most important part of all is the commercial fire panel. A commercial fire panel is responsible for taking charge and carrying out a variety of tasks when a fire starts inside of a commercial building. Here is everything you need to know about commercial fire panels and what they do.

What is a commercial fire panel?

A commercial fire panel is a safety device that’s installed as part of a commercial fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, a commercial fire panel will spring into action and inform those inside of a building about it. Some fire panels are also designed to let a fire sprinkler system know that it needs to begin putting out a fire. There are even some that will get in touch with the local fire department to inform them about a fire that has started.

Why do commercial buildings need commercial fire panels?

The average commercial fire alarm system is made up of a bunch of different components. There is usually some combination of smoke detectors, pull switches, fire sprinklers, and more. Commercial buildings need something that can tie all of these things together, and that’s exactly what a commercial fire panel will do. It’ll communicate with the different components about what’s taking place in a commercial building.

What features do the latest commercial fire panels include?

Older commercial fire panels have a bunch of relatively basic features. However, more modern ones are able to perform a whole host of tasks to keep a building and its occupants safe during a fire. They can disable elevators, shut down electricity, and even unlock doors that might otherwise be locked during a fire. These new features are motivating many commercial building owners to update their commercial fire panels.

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