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Make Sure to Take Care of Your Commercial Fire Alarm!

Men testing smoke detectors

Many business owners get a commercial fire alarm system installed in their building(s) and then forget about it. Then, when it’s needed, and it doesn’t work, they’re out of luck, right? Just like with most things, commercial fire alarm systems need to be checked every now and then, and they might require maintenance every couple… Read more »

Commercial Fire Alarm Options

Commercial Fire Alarm System Panel

times. One way to ensure a high level of safety is by adding a commercial fire alarm system to your property. Commercial fire alarms can be customized to meet the needs of your business and help to avoid dangerous fires on your property. No matter your needs, there’s sure to be a fire alarm system… Read more »

Make Sure Your Commercial Fire Alarm System Is Right For Your Building

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

It’s important to have the right commercial fire alarm system in place. Is your building properly protected? Has the system in place been checked recently to see if it’s working well? Did you know that there are some 300 consensus codes from the National Fire Protection Association? These codes cover all sorts of topics from… Read more »