An Overview of Manual Pull Stations

Manual Pull Stations If you own a building that’s on the larger side, you should equip it with more than just a fire alarm system– you should also invest in manual pull stations. These pull stations will allow those who live and/or work in your building to set your fire alarm system off in the event of a fire. They could potentially help to save a lot of lives and prevent excess damage from being done during a fire in your building. Here is a brief overview of manual pull stations that will help you understand their importance.

What is a manual pull station?

Manual pull stations are easy to spot once they’re installed. They’re bright red and white boxes that often contain words like “PULL IN CASE OF FIRE” on them. They’re designed to help people signal the presence of a fire in a building to everyone else who might be inside it. Contrary to popular belief, they will not cause a fire sprinkler system to spring into action in most cases. However, they will cause the fire alarm system to sound to let everyone know that a fire has started.

How does a manual pull station work?

There are two basic types of manual pull stations, and they each work in a slightly different way. The first type of manual pull station is called a single action pull station. With this type of pull station, the only thing you’ll need to do is pull on the latch on it to sound a building’s fire alarm system. The second type of manual pull station is called a double action pull station. What’s more, with this type of pull station, you’ll need to lift some kind of cover from in front of the latch before you can pull it.

Should you purchase manual pull stations for your building?

If you’re the owner of a smaller building that doesn’t have many people living and/or working in it, manual pull stations might not be a necessity for you. Nevertheless, if you own a big building with multiple floors and hundreds, if not thousands, of people living and/or working in them, manual pull stations are going to make all the sense in the world. You should purchase them from a trusted supplier and have them installed right away so that you can start taking advantage of them.

If you’re looking for manual pull stations for your fire alarm system, Life Safety Consultants can help you get your hands on exactly what you need. We carry a large selection of manual pull stations and can talk to you about which ones will work best in your specific building. Call us at 888-557-0558 to place an order or to ask any additional questions you might have about manual pull stations.

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