Be Alert of These Causes of Commercial Fires

Industrial FiresAs a commercial building owner or manager, the list of things you need to worry about on a daily basis is endless. From energy costs to landscaping and everything in between, there is no shortage of suitors vying for your attention.

Of course, every business’ worse nightmare is the ordeal of a fire breaking out. As such, it’s important to know what the most common causes of commercial fires tend to be.

Kitchen Fires and Human Error

Two of the more common causes of commercial fires are ones that stem from cooking and human error, such as employees or customers leaving behind cigarettes that catch fire, leaving equipment too close to flammable materials, not using electrical equipment correctly or something as simple as neglecting to blow out a candle. In regards to kitchen fires, it is also sometimes due to human error, but is often due to equipment, such as a deep fryer, not working properly.

Electrical and HVAC Issues

Other common causes of commercial fires are electrical and HVAC issues. Older, faulty wiring could lead to a building’s electrical system malfunctioning, causing a fire to break out. As such, it’s smart to periodically have it checked out, since it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Additionally, many commercial fires can be traced back to faulty HVAC system issues, including issues to heating systems, space heaters and other electrical HVAC appliances. Before you start using your heating system heavily each year, you may want to consider having it inspected. Moreover, make sure flammable and hazardous materials are kept away from wherever your HVAC system is located.

Those are just a  few of the many examples of variables that could cause a commercial fire. It’s essential to prepare for the worse, and ensure your business has the right fire alarm systems in place. If you need replacement parts for fire alarms, Life Safety Consultants has you covered. Contact us with any questions you have.

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