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Common Fire Code Issues

Fire Code Violations

In the interest of safety, what are some common fire code/safety issues most talked about in public buildings? Well, if you were to ask inspectors, who typically look over common areas, stairways, closets, utility rooms and more, you’d get an earful. Storage Mishaps Oftentimes, it all comes down to storage, as in, “How are things… Read more »

Celebrate World No Tobacco Day by Checking Your Smoke Alarms

World No Tobacco Day

On May 31, the World Health Organization and several of its partners will once again hold World No Tobacco Day, a day designed to bring awareness to the dangers associated with tobacco use. Studies have shown that there is a definitive link between tobacco use and heart health, and WHO has made it its mission… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Having a Smoke Alarm in Every Room

Smoke Detectors

The Jones family in Upstate New York survived a devastating fire that destroyed all of their possessions and could have nearly killed them all– two adults, two kids and pets. “We had smoke detectors downstairs and just one in the upstairs hallway,” remembers Sarah Jones. “Unfortunately, my daughter took the battery out of the upstairs… Read more »