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The Most Important Fire Safety Tools for Commercial Buildings

Fire Alarm

Perhaps the most important part of owning a business is making sure employees and customers are safe inside your commercial building. You always want to hope for the best while preparing for the worse, especially when it comes to protecting your building from fire. Here are the things you should make sure your building has… Read more »

Avoid These Safety Violations in Commercial Buildings

A fire incident with a printer due to overheating.

Commercial buildings are places that house businesses and such– so, for example, malls, retail shops, hotels, medical centers and office buildings are all commercial buildings. And do these types of buildings often have common safety violations? You bet! Now if you frequent a commercial building– say you work in one– you want to make sure… Read more »

A Deadly Commercial Fire is Every Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare

firefighter in fire rescue

Commercial fires can be deadly. Not only do they ruin assets, but they can also harm employees, customers and/or visitors. Safety hazards include smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. What can you do to avoid commercial fires where you work? Fire Evacuation Plan First, it’s important that there’s a plan in place in case a… Read more »

Fire Safety Tips for Warehouses

worker with pallet truck working indoors in warehouse that prioritizes fire safety

Common reasons fires start in warehouses include electrical/lighting problems (such as frayed or exposed wires), combustible liquids not handled properly and accumulated garbage being too close to heating sources. If you manage a warehouse or work in one, you should be familiar with some fire safety tips. Keep Your Warehouse Safe From Fires For starters,… Read more »

Commercial and Residential Fire Detection is Drastically Different

Commercial Fire alarm

The terms residential and commercial refer to types of buildings used for different purposes. Typically, residential buildings are where people live– where they sleep, eat, watch TV, relax, etc. And typically commercial buildings are where people work– home to businesses, organizations, etc. Both types of buildings require good fire detectors, because society has decided it’s… Read more »

What Should Retail Store Owners Know About Commercial Fires?

Retail store with a fire escape plan

Do you own a retail store? What do you know about commercial fires? Electrical Fire Hazards For starters, what could catch on fire? You’ve got cash registers, computers, lights, air conditioning units and more in a store. Plus, you might have additional things like freezers, refrigerators and other appliances. All of these items could conceivably… Read more »