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4 Common Fire Safety Violations in Commercial Buildings

Fire in a commercial building

Most businesses have the required safety features their buildings need, but many forget to check if they adhere to basic fire safety rules. Fire safety violations are common in commercial buildings where owners and employees maintain a fast-paced work environment. It is easy to forget that just because you have the required smoke detectors and… Read more »

How Warehouses Can Prevent Fires

Rummage from a warehouse fire

Warehouses can prevent fires from getting out of control by taking simple steps to ensure they’re prepared for any potential problems, and by doing maintenance and replacements as needed, especially concerning fire alarm systems. What Warehouses Need to Prevent Fires What are the key things warehouses need to consider, in order to help prevent fires… Read more »

Make Sure to Take Care of Your Commercial Fire Alarm!

Men testing smoke detectors

Many business owners get a commercial fire alarm system installed in their building(s) and then forget about it. Then, when it’s needed, and it doesn’t work, they’re out of luck, right? Just like with most things, commercial fire alarm systems need to be checked every now and then, and they might require maintenance every couple… Read more »

Important Commercial Fire Stats

Businesses and Fire Safety

When people think of fires, they usually think of homes burning down to the ground. But there are also plenty of commercial building fires, too. Though the numbers of fires have thankfully decreased over the past couple decades, commercial properties still experience over 100,000 fires annually in the U.S. and the cost of them has… Read more »

Commercial Fire Alarm Tips to Keep Your Building Safe

Worker Maintaining Commercial Fire Alarm System

Do you work in a commercial building and want to keep it safe? Business owners as well as workers should know some basic commercial fire alarm safety tips. Fire alarms keep people and stuff safe because they alert those present to what’s going on– and if there’s a fire breaking out somewhere in the building,… Read more »

How Businesses Can Celebrate Fire Prevention Month

Worker Maintaining Commercial Fire Alarm System

Did you know October is National Fire Prevention month? What are some things businesses can do to stay fire free? Maintain Fire Alarm Systems First, it’s important to maintain fire prevention systems. Make sure your smoke alarms are working– test them! Does the alarm sound? If you don’t have a sprinkler system, think about installing… Read more »

The Most Important Fire Safety Tools for Commercial Buildings

Fire Alarm

Perhaps the most important part of owning a business is making sure employees and customers are safe inside your commercial building. You always want to hope for the best while preparing for the worse, especially when it comes to protecting your building from fire. Here are the things you should make sure your building has… Read more »

The NFPA Urges Commercial Buildings to Maintain Life Safety Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fire Alarm System Testing

Tragically, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to over 20,000 people losing their lives worldwide, and that number will only increase. In the United States and in many other countries, non-essential businesses have been forced to either shut down or continue their operations remotely, as employees work from home to avoid sharing germs. As such, buildings… Read more »